Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Team :)

Before I move on to something new, I would like to share with you some last (but very important) thoughts about "Project Serendib": I would like to introduce you the great team behind the scenes, who helped me to present the vest, and would like to say a big, loud THANK YOU to all of them!

First of all, my model, who is also a very good friend (and a teacher in my bead shop :), Zuzi Hake from Zzuzzi Handmade. I first  met her husband, who came to the shop, I think, four years ago, to enroll Zuzi in our workshops as a surprise. Well, she came, and stuck around from that time :)
Zuzi's main focus is on steampunk jewelry, made from Swarovski Elements and vintage clock parts. I have a whole collection from her, and I love every one of them! However, if I have to choose, my most favourite is her The Beatles Collection:

Zuzi also loves beadweaving and bead embroidery. She is really patient with tiny seed beads, but also likes to work with shiny crystals. Lately she started to experiment with Shibori ribbons, and I must say, it turned out more than well :) 

You can admire her creations here:

This year she participates in the Battle of the Beadsmith. I had the chance to see a detail from her work, and I am really looking forward to see the finished piece! Please don't forget to check it out after 6th of June!

The headpiece Zuzi was wearing was made by Slávka from HogoFogo. Her dreamy headpieces, full of flowers make you feel like a feary, even on a gloomy day.

Check out Slávka's creations on Facebook or in her SaShE-store!

The photos were taken by my friend, Orhan, who is the husband of my former classmate from high school, Szilvia. With Szilvia we have a long and funny history together (even sharing a flat for a time), and I am really glad, that the four of us together with my Adam get along so well. It's a shame we don't see each other so often any more!
Orhan presents his pictures on his FB page OrhanCa Photography. There are everyday objects between his favourite theemes, and on Orhan's pictures they allways seem to be more then what they are - sometimes filled with an affection you don't expect from a cable, sometimes showing an unexpected or funny side.

Portraits are also quiete regular between his pictures: the happy and content face of a child, the wiseful, warm eyes of an elderly woman have the same message: life can be beautiful!

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