Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Battle-results

After seemingly very long days of waiting, the results of the Battle of The Beadsmith '13 were published yesterday. Not so good news for me - my vest Serendib didn't make it to the next round.
Nearly a year ago, when I applied for a slot to participate, I told myself, I will be happy if I get accepted. Than it happened: my name appeared on the list, and I was literally jumping up and down. Being part of something so huge was really inspiring: I started to collect stones and beads from all over the world (Oh yes, my collection was pretty big before that, too.), and really focus on improving my skills. In my own therms, I succeeded: after nearly a year without beads, I found my way back to creativity, and made something a lot more complicated and bigger than ever before. 
Serendib isn't just a nice little piece of clothing for me. Beside of two months time of work, I really put my heart and soul into it. So after a bit of whining and whimpering I got rid of self-pity, and started to appreciate it again: yes, it really was a pleasure to make it, and it moved me to a different level. Now it tries to teach me one more thing: to move on, and get back all the enthusiasm after something, what seems to be a failure at first, but is a lot more, if you check closely. 

I feel it to be true especially, when I read all the kind responses. Thank you very much for you all, who left a comment or liked my photos. It really means a lot to me!

Catherine Chinoy: "Gorgeous composition and a timeless design, could be from any era and many cultures. Beautiful!"

Ingalill Claire Massiani: "It looks like it existed for ever and now is in a museum. Congrats on making such a timeless piece. What an enormous job too..."

Sarah Louise Gordon:  "It does look like a priceless antique - you should be very proud!"

Betty Stephan: "This is a lovely vest- so well done. I love all the little cabochons around the edge- but oh, I must have taken so long! But the result is worth it- a very beautiul piece!!"

Bianca Velder: "I loved the design, and now that I know the story behind the garment, I am even more impressed. The motif has that Moghul/Persian look you see in parts of India and Sri Lanka, ornate, rich, deep colours. It is beautifully stitched and created. Quite beautiful."

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